Tutorial 9. Exporting

Before you read, make sure you have seen the previous tutorial

Code is on github

Ok, so we know how to make stuff now. But how do we get that to the people.
In this tutorial, i will explain how.
First things first, we need to install gradle.
Download it here

It is not a standard installation, so i will explain how to install it.
Extract the zip somewhere. A new folder called Gralde-X.XX will appear. Place this in a conveiniant place. That place will be referenced as GradleDir from now on.
Open System properties (how to win 7 / win 8)
Now go to Advanced System Settings
Open Environmental Variables
Now, in the User Variables, create a new line.
value: GradleDir (E.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\gradle-1.10)

Now, in system variables, find the path variable.
Click on edit. AT THE END, add a semicolumn, and paste %GRADLE_HOME%\bin
So, once again,
Something; %GRADLE_HOME%\bin;
Now open cmd, and run gradle –version.
If you see a version output, congratz, you didnt mess up!

So, lets start the ACTUAL tutorial :)

Inside your BaseFolder, add 2 new files.
build.gralde en build.properties. CHANGE THE EXTENTION!


Now, lets look into these files.

The comments in the file, will explain it

It all seems very complicated. But its an entirely new language. Therefor, i wont go into detail, but let’s just say this works.
NOTE: any version later then needs ForgeGradle 1.2
Change that in the buildscript (

Now the build.properties file is rather easy

Ofcourse you need to change the values to what your verions etc are

Last thing to do, is open a command prompt, and move to the BaseFolder (or shift rightclick on BaseFolder and select Open Commandprompt)

Now run

gradle build

And you are done. The jar is the one inside /build/libs, and is called something-universal-something

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5 Responses to Tutorial 9. Exporting

  1. Freelancer95 says:

    This does not work with newer versions of Forge (past 1047 in fact) When you try and use the gradle build command it fails with.

    D:\Development\Minecraft Modding\Source\DynamicCombat>gradle build

    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

    * What went wrong:
    A problem occurred configuring root project ‘DynamicCombat’.
    > ForgeGradle 1.1 only works for Forge versions –

    * Try:
    Run with –stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with –info or –debug option to get more log output.


    Total time: 8.736 secs

    D:\Development\Minecraft Modding\Source\DynamicCombat>

  2. Slider says:

    I guess i did something wrong, but i cant understand what.


    This is my build.gradle http://pastebin.com/5fDSNSAq

    Can you help me?

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