Tutorial 1. Setup Eclipse

Ok, Install Eclipse ide for java EE developers

Now, create new folder. This folder will be the base folder for all our modstuff.
This folder will be refered as ‘BaseFolder’
Inside the BaseFolder, extract Forge.


What you want to do now, is open a command prompt/terminal.
Now, find your BaseFolder. Use the command cd to move around.
Option 2: Rightclick on BaseFolder and select open commandprompt.
Enter the following command:

gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace

Wait for it to be done. It might take quite a while.
Now run

gradlew.bat eclipse

Now, open eclipse.
Set your workspace to …/BaseFolder/eclipse.


Delete the /src/main/java.
Delete the /src/main/resources


If your project looks like this, CONGRATZ! you havent messed anything up. yet.

Once deleted, create a new folder, inside your BaseFolder.
Called it something, which makes sence. This foldername will be re-used A LOT! *i call it mcmodtutorial* Inside here, create a few folders, with this layout:


Rightclick on java, build path -> use as Source Root.
Do the same for resources.

Now you should see a source root, on the top of the list, called …/src/main/java


Thats, it. Now run it.



And done.

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